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Teachers Profile

  1. Dr. T. Lunkim,  Chairman, Board of Trustee
    1. Bachelor of Divinity from Serampore,
    2. Master of Theology – Fuller Theological Seminary, USA
    3. Doctor of Divinity (a) Illinois, USA and (b) Serampore, India
  2. Dr. S. Chongloi, Principal
    1. Master of Ministry – Northwest Baptist Seminary, Tacoma WA, India Extension, Bangalore
    2. Master of Divinity – Alliance Biblical Seminary, Manila, Philippines
    3. Doctor of Ministry – Union Theological Seminary – Philippine Christian University, Cavite, Philippines
  3. Rev. H. Doungel, Registrar/Dean.
    1. M.A., M. Phil., - North East Hills University, Shillong
    2. M.Th., Old Testament – Union Biblical Seminary, Pune
  4. Mr. L. Seilen, DSA. B.D., and M.Th. Theology - Gurukul, Tamilnadu
  5. Mr. J. Manchong, Chaplain. B.D., M.Th., Church History – Eastern Thelogical College, Jorhat
  6. Mr. Lh. Mate, Practical, i/c M.A.,  M.Th., Theology – NIIPGST, Kolkata
  7. Mrs. V. Doungel, Metron B.D., M.Th., Theology - Bishop’s College, Kolkata
  8. Mr. L. Thangkholet Khongsai, Alumni, i/c B.D., M.Th., Social Analysis. Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Madurai
  9. Dr. H. Khongsai,
    1. B.D and M.Th., - Serampore, Kolkata
    2. Doctor of Ministry – Emanuel School of Religion (USA)
  10. Dr. H. Chongloi,
    1. B.D and M.Th., - Serampore, Kolkata
    2. Doctor of Theology in Religion - NIIPGST, Kolkata
  11. Rev. L. Mate, B.D. and M. Th., in Church History - Gurukul, Tamilnadu
  12. Rev. R. Peter, B.D., M.Th.,  New Testament - Serampore, Kolkata
  13. Mr. L. Khongsai, B.D., M.Th., Old Testament - Gurukul Tamilnadu
  14. Mr. K. Khongsai, B.D., M.Th., Old Testament - TTS, Madurai
  15. Mr. Lunminthang Mate B.D., M.Th., Christian Ministry - ETC, Jorhat
  16. Ms. Nengpi Lupheng M. A., English - M. U. Imphal
  17. Mr. Zangtinlen Khongsai, B.D., M. Th., Missiology - UTC, Bangalore
  18. Mr. Jonah Khongsai, B.D., M. Th., Communication - TTS, Madurai
  19. Mr. Thangjakhup Hangshing, B.D., M. Th., New Testament - Serampore, Kolkata

Bachelor of Theology


Master of Divinity


What they said about us...

"I am very pleased to be one of the alumni of Restoration Theological College. It helps me building my personalities and my spirituality for my future ministries."

- Dedei Chongloi, B.Th., Graduate 2012


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KCC Office, Church Road Dewlahland
Imphal East, Manipur 795001

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Email: skchongloi[at]
Email: rt_college[at]

Principal: +91-9612230809
Registrar: +91-9862831289


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Restoration Theological College is accredited by Asia Theological Association and offering Bachelor of Theology (B. Th.,) and Master of Divinity (M. Div.,).