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About RTC

The Restoration Theological College (RTC) was established by the Kuki Christian Church, Assembly (KCC-A) on its 33rd Annual Assembly held at Kangpokpi, Manipur on April 15-16, 2011. Though RTC was officially announced in the year 2011, it confluences with the long history of the Kuki Christian Church Mission’s faithful service to the belief of its movement for wholeness among the fragmented Churches. Since its inception the KCC Mission has been spearheading the Restoration Movement among the fragmented churches in the North East India, Myanmar and Bangladesh. RTC will keep the legacy and is also committed to the belief and practice of One New Testament Church.

Facts about the location.

The Restoration Theological College is situated in Imphal the capital city of Manipur which is one of the biggest cities in the North East India. The western missionaries have brought the gospel to the regions and most tribal people became Christians. However, the valley Meitei people remained as Hindus. Manipur is also the gateway of Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Tibet for better economy and businesses. On the other hands, people from Burma, Tibet, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal have free access and therefore they can have theological education in the Restoration Theological College (RTC).
The India’s Look East Policy and the International Highway which will bring better economy and free trade to build better relationship with the South East Asia (SEA) is also passing through Manipur which is bordering with China in the north and Burma in the east and therefore it becomes a very important place for trade and commerce. The Christians in Manipur need to wake up, educate theologically, and equip spiritually to edify the found souls to seek the lost souls. Therefore, a proper theological institution like RTC is the need of the hour.

Mission Statement

For the glory of God and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Restoration Theological College exists to change lives and to equip God’s servants to transform the society. The RTC stands on the Evangelical Faith and practice based on the scriptures and is committed to the belief and practice of Oneness of the church.

Elaboration of Mission Statement

The RTC teaches relevant Asian theology rooted in the soil and also sound biblically. The Asian diversity in religion, in world-view, in culture and in beliefs, lacks theology that can fit to their context. We concentrate India since it is the birth place of most famous religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism which influenced more or less the world-views, cultures and beliefs of Asians. We are developing our theology which can meet the Hindu philosophy and other religions in order to address the whole Asia. The theology so far we have in Asia is more or less Western theology that has a little impact on religious people like Hindus. Christianity considered as inferior to the Hindu philosophy and thought to be a western religion among the non- Christians in India needs to prove and contextualize into Indian philosophy without sacrificing the Biblical truth, so that other religions like Hindus will see Christ in their own lives and culture.

Many Church Growth Fathers and Missiologists believed that there are “ripe and unripe” fields and they suggested that, we should rather go to the “ripe” fields, so that they are receptive and responsive to the gospel. RTC believes that there are also “unripe methods and unripe theology to the ripe fields.” In RTC, we checked our theology and methods, whether it fits to the people rather than saying they are not ripe for the gospel.

Asians, family and society oriented people needed a theology of their own for their people and by their people. The RTC shall strive to become a research centre and keep on developing the theology, biblically based, theologically sound and culturally relevant that can fit for the Asians. It can also develop students into mature Christians to teach city people about Christ while not neglecting the poor and needy tribal in and around the city and elsewhere in India and abroad.